My real name is Sunny but I have always gone by Brynn (middle name).

I started shooting weddings 7 years ago when I got lucky with some rad, unconventional brides wanting to get married on top of a rocky mountain, at a family members home garden, or a pop up tent in the middle of a huge field. I was addicted to non venue weddings! Time and experience has led me shoot with all different types of couples and venues and now I'm addicted to straight up CAPTURING LOVE! 

I'm a low-key, yoga-pant wearing, mom bun sporting, meme enthusiast that is married to the man of my dreams and we have 3, (almost) 4 beautiful kids together! When outside, you can find us in the mountains or desert soaking up Utah's unbelievable beauty. When inside, you can find me constantly preparing food for my humans and watching my favorite comedy/romance/fantasy/sci-fi movies... or any before and after TV shows. It's my weakness. And probably explains why editing is so satisfying for me.

What inspires me when it comes to photography? You do. Beautiful landscapes and unique perspectives. Being original with simple, understated beauty. When a bride gets out of her car and she's radiating with excitment, wearing her perfectly fitting gown, holding  a bouquet that makes her smile... well that makes me smile. And I feel the love and energy which in turn, inspires me to capture who she is and what her upoming marriage to the love of her life will be like.

I don't do perfect. By that I mean I don't force anything thats not there. If you bring it, I bring it. We'll work together to create some beautiful moments, I promise. My personal asthetic is what you see here. I have been blessed with some incredible couples over the years and I can't wait to see what the future has in store.


"Creativity is Inventing, Experimenting, Growing, Taking Risks, Breaking Rules,

Making Mistakes, and Having Fun." - Mary Lou Cook




30 minute session at a gorgeous location anywhere between Alpine and Springville, Utah

($40 more if further North or South)


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