My name is Sunny Brynn. I was named after my stupendous Grandma Sunny (hence why I chose Sunnydays for my business name) but I have gone by Brynn for as long as I can remember. 

I started shooting weddings TEN years ago when I got lucky with some rad, unconventional brides wanting to get married on top of a mountain top, at lush home garden, or at a yurt in the middle of the Uinta’s.  I believe that helped push my creativity to capture my clients' unique, adventuring spirit, in turn, fulfilling my own!

I've experienced every tricky lighting situation you can imagine, and I am extremely comfortable working my magic at 2pm with full sun or right at sunset to get that lovely golden glow.

I adore Utah's huge selections of wedding venues, both classic and the unconventional.  My experiences has lead me to a 'happy place' where I can confidently say I will do the very best for you.

I will capture your vibe, energy, and most importantly, your LOVE. 

I'm a low-key, yoga-pant wearing, mom bun sporting, meme enthusiast that is married to the man of my dreams and we have 4 beautiful kids together! When outside, you can find us in the mountains or desert soaking up Utah's unbelievable beauty. When inside, you can find me constantly preparing food for my humans and watching my favorite comedy/romance/fantasy/sci-fi movies... or any before and after TV shows. It's my weakness. And probably explains why editing is so satisfying for me.

What inspires me when it comes to photography? You do. Beautiful landscapes and unique perspectives. Being original with simple, understated beauty. If this was the 70s, I’d most likely be a hippie. LOL. I pick up vibes and energy and I love when that translates into our sessions.

I don't do perfect. I love windblown hair and bare footed, crazy kids. By that I mean I don't force anything that's not there. If you bring it, I bring it.

I want to tell YOUR STORY.

"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun." - Mary Lou Cook





30-40 minute session

at a gorgeous location anywhere between

Alpine and Springville, Utah

($40 more if further North or South)

No limit as to how many images you get back becuase

I always edit and return ALL the good ones.



If you want fun memories of your kids playing in leaves or a big group hug while you tickle your crabby three-year-old,  then I may be the photographer for you.

If you want the to remember how the vase full of flowers perched on the window seal at your reception looked, as well as your grandmas’ wrinkles or how the sunset looked as it set that day,  I may be the photographer for you.

If you want to laugh with your soon to be husband as he kisses your neck, remembering how much love you have for each other in that very moment,  then I may be the photographer for you.





Phone:801 472 7716
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